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How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

March 09,2020


Instagram has been around for a while now; it continues to grow as one of the most popular social networks in the world. This social network has transformed itself from being a photo-sharing application into a powerful marketing tool for both brands and individuals. Therefore, the primary objective of marketers is to grow a following of people who actually care about their brand and engage with their content.

Though this platform So, if you want to achieve success on Instagram, it is essential to understand how to grow your followers count.

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Growing Instagram account may not be as easy. But there are some strategy tips you can try out. 
here’s how to get more Instagram followers

  1. Post at the right time
  2. Schedule your posts
  3. Create your own hashtag
  4. Tag your location
  5. Write longer captions on your posts
  6. Share more selfies
  7. Post more video on your feed 
  8. Work with micro-influencers 
  9. Create an IGTV series 
  10. Run contests
  11. Collaborate with awesome brands
  12. Create memes that resonate with your audience
  13. Ask your followers to tag their friends
  14. Promote your Instagram content on other platforms
  15. Appear in the related accounts suggestions on Instagram 
  16. Use a branded hashtag to create an Instagram community 
  17. Define your target audience
  18. Treat your Instagram profile like a homepage
  19. Find and use what’s popular
  20. Engage with existing communities
  21. Follow other relevant users
  22. Create a custom Instagram Stories filter for your brand

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